In 2014, Sonja M. Salmon put her banking career aside to start Ebby Rane. For years she traveled frequently in her senior executive role. With each trip, she became frustrated by the carry-on options available to her as a woman and a frequent flier. She decided to design the perfect carry-on luggage – specifically for women who travel for work. Ebby Rane was born.

Sonja drew the first iteration of The Quartermaster in a hotel room. She mapped out a compact suitcase that combined elegance and purpose, style and function. The dream case would include a set of cases and satchels for the necessities a busy woman brings on her travels. Each piece, beautifully feminine and pretty.

“Most people only see the outside of your suitcase, but like a fine lingerie set, it feels good to know how gorgeous it is on the inside, even if you are the only one who sees it.”

“Most people only see the outside of your suitcase, but like a fine lingerie set, it feels good to know how gorgeous it is on the inside, even if you are the only one who sees it.”


Why Ebby Rane? Inspired by ambitious dreams of her entrepreneurial grandfathers, Sonja decided to name her company after them. Ebby Salmon and Clarence Rainford created a life for their families in Jamaica with hard work, determination and grace. Their experience showed her that anything is possible. From humble beginnings, their entrepreneurial spirit, work ethic and drive gave Sonja’s parents the courage to leave the island, to build a life and families of their own in North America.


One of Sonja’s major decisions in her entrepreneurial journey was to establish strategic partnerships to elevate Ebby Rane to global player status. When Sonja met Aynsley Wintrip Harris in 2014, she was in the thick of launching a luxury e-commerce business of her own. The two had plenty in common, but it was Aynsley’s luxury brand experience, having spent most of her career with Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, that drew Sonja in. They were soon arranging coffee dates to brainstorm ideas to grow their businesses.

Sonja Aynsley

Aynsley joined Ebby Rane as President in 2017.
“With experience in the luxury travel industry, Aynsley quickly shared a deep appreciation for the future
potential of Ebby Rane,” says Sonja. “Her skill set was a perfect complement to mine.”
The two have approximately four decades of experience between them, with strategy and operations;
luxury branding and customer experience at the forefront.


To treat others as they wish to be treated is the golden thread connecting Ebby Rane with its customers, employees, and suppliers.

We see success as a result of the deep appreciation, value and trust we place in the relationships we have cultivated over time. We are laser focused on listening and care deeply about meeting our customer’s needs, always devising new ways to enhance their experience.

In addition to offering quality and highly crafted products directly through our website, we aim to be a resource for inspiration, travel tips and social sharing. We truly believe your story grows our story.


Sonja is passionate about supporting women in business. Our travel bags are made in Colombia in a female-led, family run factory. We work closely with Pastora, the owner, to develop new products such as the cork travel bags, totes and wallets.

Ebby Rane also supports Opportunity International, which provides microfinancing to women in developing countries, enabling them to establish businesses.
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