4-Part Series – Pack Right & Travel Light – Travel Tips for Guys

Part 1:No Mean Feat
The thought of business travel can be quite burdensome. The stress, the exhaustion, and the workload is no formula for success. However with careful planning, business travel can be effortless and comfortable.

Ask any frequent flyer, they will undoubtedly vouch for comfortable shoes as a necessity while traveling. However if you’re taking a red eye directly to a board meeting, the prospect of dressing for comfort is often replaced by dressing for business.

No, not an in-flight foot massage, as enticing as it may be. Shoehorns are a simple but practical travel accessory for your carry-on, especially for those logging countless steps in a big city, or affected by cabin pressure. Not only do they make slipping shoes on effortless, shoehorns also prevent the backs of shoes from breaking down.

We love Burberry’s leather shoe horn, available in five beautiful colors and finished in a grainy leather. The compact item includes a protective leather case making it a top carry-on essential.