A Blogger’s Guide to Effortless Packing

When packing for a trip, it’s natural to wonder if you’ve forgotten anything important and if you have everything you need. Contrary to popular belief, over-packing does not cover all your bases. There’s nothing glamorous about hauling a heavy suitcase in the heat of summer, only to realize you won’t wear half of what you brought. It’s best to pack items that reflect your style and comfort level, rather than vowing to wear that new beach-worthy dress simply because you’re on vacation. There are many style mavens and travel connoisseurs who are a great source when deciding what to pack and what to leave at home. Below is a list of tips from top influencers on how to pack a carry-on like a pro while jet-setting this summer.

Start With The Right Luggage

Never underestimate what the right piece of luggage can do. Countless factors play into the perfect carry-on including durability, storage, features, handling and overall look. Fashion stylist and lifestyle blogger Chriselle Lim says it best when describing her luggage needs.

“I can’t stress how important pouches are. They help conserve space and keep everything organized. I usually have one bag to carry all of my electronics in, and another bag to carry all of my beauty products in, my jewelry, my travel documents.. you get the point. I rarely travel with more than a rolling carry-on. I even put my purse (or clutch) into my luggage! Having your hands free is extremely important when traveling.”

Keep It Simple For The Beach

With numerous options that would pair perfectly with your adventure, it’s difficult not to pack your entire wardrobe. But why waste time at baggage claim when the beach is waiting? Fashion insider and Haute Inhabit blogger Lainy Hedaya offers up her advice on how not to overpack during a beach getaway.

“I wouldn’t pack more than two pairs of shoes. I think you can always live with two pairs of shoes. Also, you don’t need that many accessories. If you pack consistently with everything else you can use the same accessories every day, and that’ll take up less space. If you have just one bag that goes with every outfit, then you’re golden.”

Preparation is Key

Procrastinating and packing are synonymous. During those final hours before a departure, time can seem like a luxury. Though the vacation may not begin until you arrive at your destination, endeavor to relax prior to your flight by preparing in advance. Mary Orton from Memorandum drew from personal experience while honeymooning in The Seychelles.

“If you’re leaving for your honeymoon shortly after your wedding day, start packing at least TWO WEEKS (seriously) before your wedding. You may think you’ll have time in the days before the wedding, but you will be shocked at all of the last minute things that come up and demand your attention. There’s nothing worse than arriving at your honeymoon destination having forgotten lots of necessary items, or missing time with your family and friends because you’re rushing to pack for the honeymoon last minute.”