A Luxury Jetsetters Guide to a Bon Voyage

When it comes to packing for travel, we’d like to think we know a thing or two about the topic. Since launching The Quartermaster and accompanying luxury travel accessories in 2013, we have been helping women pack in a guided, organized and efficient manner. Once a Quartermaster user, it’s difficult to imagine going back to the ways of packing with empty cases that provide little aesthetic and even less functionality. Now there is even more to covet with the addition of the Quartermaster Homme, an aptly named travel accessory for men. The Quartermaster takes inspiration from Victorian steamer trunks, providing a modern design with a patented packing system that truly elevates the travel experience.

Nevertheless, even with a carryon with an integrated packing system, packing list and tutorial video, travelers can occasionally experience packing woes. Debating over how much to pack, dispelling the need to pack for every conceivable occasion and abiding by liquid container size restrictions are all considerations each time the airport calls. As well-traveled as we are, we definitely don’t have all the answers to common travel problems. Fortunately, there a bevy of influencers, bloggers, and celebrities who provide their favorite travel tips, to make packing well for two days or three weeks a simple task.

When overwhelmed with what to bring for a trip, take a cue from Vanessa Traina, Executive Creative Director and e-commerce entrepreneur at The Line (one of our favorite boutiques in NYC and L.A.). She packs anything she has been wearing as of late with a few fun items peppered in. Vanessa tends to pack versatile items and nothing that is too tricky or that she has never worn. We love this tip. Although traveling can be inspiring, avoid experimentation. Stick with items you feel comfortable wearing. Packing interchangeable pieces allows for an extensive wardrobe and the ability to travel with only a carryon suitcase. Most importantly, a trip trekking through the cobblestone paths of Italy is not ideal for wearing a new pair of shoes. Like you, we tend to buy a few nice pieces for an upcoming trip. The key is to break in the shoes, test out the new lotion, and make sure the merino wool sweater isn’t itchy prior to your trip.

A good rule of thumb when packing is to stick to your regular routine. A fresh face is your best face according to Declan Kearney, former Creative Director of Maiyet. If you start your morning by cleansing and moisturizing your face, and end the night by toning and revitalizing, include the products in your luggage. The carryalls found both in the Quartermaster and Quartermaster Homme are a chic reworking of the dreaded plastic bag, designed specially to house your travel sized liquids.