Back To Reality

The dilemma of packing: pack too much and you’re left to lug an unyielding luggage, pack too little and you’re forced to buy what you didn’t bring.

Staying warm may not seem like a necessary factor when packing for a tropical getaway. Nevertheless, keep in mind the climate where you’ll be landing and pack an outfit to travel home in. There’s nothing worse than shivering in your shorts as you await your taxi.

Plan ahead and pack early to prevent stress and a greater chance of leaving key items behind. Packing pieces for excursions, romantic occasions, and yes, the unfortunate return to reality should be included.

TRY: For a flattering look that’s light-weight and easy to pack, we recommend the Rudsak puffer coat available in multiple complementarycolors. The coat includes an interior dickie with rib collar to keep you protected against the cold elements.