This week, we’re sharing travel tips to help you skip the airport line, look your best with new work wardrobe staples and stay fueled on flight.

8 Women’s Work Wear Must-Haves

The concept of the ‘work uniform’ is on the rise. Less is more when it comes to dressing for success in 2018. This Fast Company feature shares tips for saving time when planning outfits by creating a formula for your wardrobe – a set of go-to outfits that you can wear time and time again. We love fashion, and this great read shares a few new staples that are less traditional but acceptable for your career look.

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Beat The Line

If you’re running late for your flight, a long and slow security line can change your entire trip itinerary. Forbes recently released a story on tips for skipping security lines that features new apps, which provide estimated wait times to booking your flights on a Monday morning. Ideas to reduce airport time, stress and allow for a few minutes to sip a coffee before you board are always welcome!

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Flight Friendly Snacks

Although airport offerings continue to get healthier and more diverse – paying for snacks on the go can add up if you’re a frequent flyer. Nutritionists recommend high protein, quick hits of healthy bites as opposed to a large meal on flight. Along with staying hydrated, these 7 travel snacks are TSA-friendly and will help you to arrive feeling satisfied and energized.

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