Cold Weather Cures

Fall is officially here, and with it, for many, comes dry skin. It’s a seasonal reality that is difficult to avoid if you live in areas where the four seasons have distinct temperatures. Without combating the elements early on, and maintaining preventative measures throughout the colder months, dry skin is inevitable. So, as the temperature continues its plunge, we’re providing our three favorite moisurizing products to help win this seasonal battle.

Fortunately, emollient cold-weather creams are here to help. Our go-to cream brings life back to the skin utilizing ingredients from nature to aid in creating a soft, supple complexion. Enter La Mer’s Crème De La Mer. This miracle lotion not only corrects damaged skin, but helps to enhance the natural glow hiding beneath red patches. It firms skin, improves lines and wrinkles, and rejuvinates even the driest of complexions. With its nutrient-rich, highly potent formula of sea kelp, vitamins and minerals, that cold weather doesn’t stand a chance.

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Once a best-kept secret by makeup artists and aestheticians, and now a globally trusted companion, body oils are changing the way we hyrdrate our skin. Oils are crafted to mimic the skin’s natural lipid makeup to absorb easily, and ensure skin feels nourished and glowing in spite of winter’s plans. With so many functions from healing and repairing to defending the skin’s natural protective moisture barrier, and brightening the complexion, it’s no wonder that oils have become so popular. Our pick? Sahajan natural and organic Ritual Body Oil. Using natural ingredients such as almond oil rich in vitamin E, skin heals and repairs. Sesame oil also helps to hydrate, nourish and protect the skin, while the protein rich coconut oil easily absorbs providing extra moisturizing effects.

This compact, travel friendly bottle is great for women on the go. It fits easily in travel accessories and carryalls ensuring you arrive with great skin after experiencing the dry cabin air from the plane.

A clear indicator that colder weather has arrived is the emergence of perpetually dry lips. Given that our lips are one of the first things people notice in conversation, choosing the right lip balm is key. With so many options ranging from tinted moisturizing stains, to SPF infused formulas, it can be difficult to select the right balm to fit your every need. Fortunately, our good friends at Mereadesso have us covered. Clear Lip Treats is a lush blend of evening primrose, grape seed, coconut and sunflower oils, enhanced by the added benefits of Vitamins C and E. Not only are they super moisturizing, but they also act as a perfect primer for lipstick, gloss to ensure your favorite lip shade stays in place.

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