Professional travel marketer Eveliny Bastos-Klein is a knowledge enthusiast. Born and raised in Brazil and with an early intention to become a writer, Eveliny completed her master’s degree in communication and journalism in the US. Today, she divides her time equally between Brazil and Florida.

“I thought at first I wanted to be a writer. Now I’ve had to develop a bunch of other skills apart from writing in my career, and one of them is being a good traveller. I’m still working on that!”

Following an internship with a PR firm in the US, Eveliny worked with Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts as they were opening their first hotel in Miami. She soon realized there was an opportunity to help companies communicate with their clients in Latin America.


What started as a niche, boutique consultancy has grown into her own company, EBK PR, with offices in Miami and Sao Paulo. When asked where she resides, Eveliny replies: “I live in Miami, Sao Paulo and American Airlines!”


What inspires your travels? Curiosity. I’m one of those people who are interested in everything. It’s a blessing but also a curse. I often read more than one book at a time and I listen to podcasts in between.

What are you currently reading? I’m reading The History of the Jews – inspired by my work for the ministry of travel for Israel. I’m also reading a book in Portuguese on the History of Slavery in Brazil: Escravidao. Poetry is another form that I enjoy.

What’s on your podcast list? I often download podcasts before my flights and one of my favorites is BBC’s In Our Time. It covers culture and philosophy. I’ve thought about launching my own travel podcast, but with so little time available, I would have to do it between 2 and 5am. It’s not out of the question in my future.


How many countries have you visited? I’ve never actually kept a tally. It’s less about how many countries, but how many miles, which gives me a good chance to get to know each place.

What are your favorite leisure destinations? I really love Tel Aviv. I’ve been going for the past four years and made life-long friends there. The Norman hotel has impeccable service and
Poli House is another place where I’m treated like family. It’s located in a Bauhaus building with interiors by Israeli designer Karim Rashid.

I also go to Aspen once a year. The Limelight Snowmass is a new favorite. Since I’m a beginner skier, this is the most democratic of all ski spots! For wine lovers, Element 47 restaurant is a must.


What have you learnt about yourself in your business travels? I think my inside is all gooey and Brazilian, but my outside is American. In Sao Paulo, people are open, friendly and business lunches are long. I love Japanese food and Sao Paulo has some of the best. Jun Sakamoto is my favorite. I also love to do business in Toronto, where people are efficient, kind and polite. The cultures are different but each has its own flavour that I enjoy.

How do you turn flying miles into smiles? I always say a good travel day is if I’m first into the airplane and the first out! The Quartermaster is very organised and makes my life so much easier. Not only that, but I have the privilege of having many hotel clients, and my Quartermaster in Cloud White carry-on often receives compliments at hotels across the world.



I love the little containers inside my Quartermaster. My favorite are the ones for technology and jewellery. I’m Brazilian, after all, and I carry a lot of accessories! I love the details of the little cases- it helps me to stay organised when I travel.

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