Customer Profile: Lisa Ferguson-Part 2

Last week, we shared Part 1 of our interview with Lisa Ferguson of 1000 Watt Life and we’re pleased to provide the rest of the interview here. Enjoy!

You have been quoted as saying that environment has a massive effect on your ideation, strategic genius and productivity. Where is your favorite place to work and where are you right now?

I learned rather recently on a trip to Ireland that I am most creative, happiest and productive in a tranquil outdoor setting with comfortable and varied ergonomic seating. Fresh air, lush greens, tranquility and a waterfall or lake. Another key ingredient is taking a walk every two hours or brainstorming with another business founder. This is not just a dream. As I am writing this I am sitting in Bali, on a co-working deck, with the most magnificent view.

Ahh.. Bali…What brought you there? Can you share one of the most important things you’ve learned from the people or lifestyle?

The pull was more than beautiful Bali. If I can be so candid, living alone, cooking for myself and running a business on my own is both lonely and my greatest challenge. The concept of co-living along with co-working is starting to become more mainstream, yet I found only one place in the world that was set up like a beautifully designed hotel where you have your own well designed space and also community spaces like a communal kitchen. I’m here at Roam paying close attention to how I feel and perform in this environment. Two of my favourite things are the spontaneous conversations that happen in the communal kitchen in the morning and that the dishes are done for us faster than we can blink!

The Balinese want to know your name and a part of your story. There is ALWAYS time for connecting and deeply seeing others. Everyone seems so present and in the “now”. I hope I can bottle this and take it back to Canada to share!

How have your experiences in traveling helped and inspired your work?

My dear friend Keka commented recently, on a trip to Colombia to work with Zenu artisans for 1000 Watt Life’s Dream To Dream Initiative, that I adapt really well to varied cultures. I believe travelling around the world including to factories in Hong Kong since my early twenties has really helped me to be open, adaptable and innovative in business.

Give us the top 3 things you can’t travel without.

  1. My Now bamboo portable oil diffuser and Doterra lavender oil because it carries memories of home with me wherever I go.
  2. My Bose Soundlink bluetooth portable speaker to envelop myself in the favorite sounds from my playlist.
  3. The satin SleepMaster Sleep Mask beautifully muffles noise in addition to blocking out light for a beautiful sleep on and off the plane.

Ok, shameless plug time…tell us the best thing about your Quartermaster.

THE best? I have a few. It helps me to always be 95% ready to go. The 10 beautiful labelled Carryalls keep me super organized during my trip AND also make the repacking to return home quick and easy.