From Black Tie to a Casual Affair

Rarely is an outfit as important as it is for the bride on the day of her wedding. From formal to cocktail, and garden to beach, the “big day” and the festivities that surround it influence what we wear.

Although most brides have fantasized about how romantic their honeymoon will be, it seems to be the one detail of the wedding that gets overlooked until last minute. Whether a busy work schedule, tight budget, or the ever-shifting timeline of a procrastinator, planning and packing for your honeymoon shouldn’t be overlooked.

Depending on where you’re honeymooning, your packing listing will be determined accordingly. Along with the basics, include special pieces for the memorable moments you’ll cherish long after you return home. A chiffon dress during a romantic dinner Oceanside, or a lightweight jumpsuit for strolling the cities nightlife are great alternatives.

TRY: We can’t get enough of the flattering silhouette and luxurious fabrics of the wrap dress by DVF. With fresh, fun patterns, and a lightweight feel, they’re definitely a must!