Germ-Free Flying

Airplanes are the perfect breeding grounds for germs and bring with them the looming threat of catching an illness. The anxiety of flying itself can be stress enough without the added worry of becoming sick.


Sharing an enclosed space with potentially hundreds of people for several hours and keeping yourself germ-free. The general rule of thumb is to wash your hands often, lathering well for twenty seconds. However, it may not be practical nor polite to constantly disturb a row of travelers in an effort to keep your hands clean.


A must-have carry-on item is hand sanitizer. Travel size varieties are available in various forms: gel, spray and wipes. They kill both cold and flu viruses that seem to find their way without fail on an airplane. In addition to keeping your hands clean, use the wipes to wipe down the travel tray and your arm rests.

TRY: A hand sanitizer that has enough active ingredients to kill bacteria, but is gentle enough on skin can be difficult to find. To ensure soft, germ-free skin, The Honest Company has produced hand sanitizer gel in three refreshing scents. Made with plant-based ingredients, your hands will receive a welcome break from the redness and drying effects of alcohol based sanitizers.