Here Comes The Sun

Nothing quite compares to the bronzed, dewy look of a sun-kissed glow after a beach getaway. Now that the cold winter days are winding down, you can look forward to relishing in the great outdoors and soaking in the sun at your leisure.

Who doesn’t love a refreshed, even skin tone, or a bronzed body? However, overdoing the sun bathing and enduring unsightly burns is hardly a way to start your honeymoon. Not to mention, the unwelcome reminders of tanning in your youth that will ultimately resurface in your advancing of age.

Keep the sunbathing to a minimum and use sun protection in all its forms. Think the 4 S’s: Sunscreen, sunglasses, straw hat, and sarong.

Keep in mind even with a strong SPF sunscreen, it is possible to retain a rested glow. To prolong the bronzed look well after the honeymoon, opt for a bronzer that is light on shimmer and steers clear from orange undertones.

TRY: We love Estée Lauder’s Bronze Goddess Powder Bronzer. An oil-free powder that gives the face, shoulders, and écolletage an irresistible golden glow.