Last Summer Weekend in Toronto

Planning an end to summer can be upsetting, and with good reason. For city dwellers, summer is all about drinks on the patio, nighttime strolls, and attending fabulous parties. Rather than fret over early sunsets and declining temperatures, close out the season with a week to rival all summer weekends. As enticing as relaxing poolside or traveling the Mediterranean sound, time constraints and the desire for unfamiliar territory call for exploring a town in our backyard.

Thanks to the providential Toronto International Film Festival, the entertainment is endless.
Hollywood stars, film enthusiasts, and star-gazers alike are descending on the city of Toronto for TIFF. The illustrious event is comprised of its world premieres, film galas, and industry events. Aside from the glamour that is TIFF, the city of Toronto is being a gracious host by extending restaurant hours to 4 am, setting up pop-up shops, music festivals, and interactive booths. With multiple exclusive events available, we’re serving up a list of “musts” during the festival.

Where to Eat
The two-storey sleek and spacious restaurant is located in the Entertainment District behind the TIFF Lightbox venue. The Southern California namesake offers farm-to-table California inspired cuisine, that highlights the best in Canadian produce, meats, and seafood. The celebrity hangout hosts several high-profile parties with past guests including: George Clooney, Robert Downey Jr, and Sandra Bullock.

Where to Unwind
Shangri-la Lobby Lounge and Bar
An intimate, urban setting, where art and architecture are emphasized. The Shangri-la Lobby Lounge offers an Asian-inspired menu and expansive tea menu, while the bar invites guests to sample cocktails from a 30’s inspired menu. Famous patrons include the likes of Johnny Depp, Jessica Chastain, and Jake Gyllenhaal.

Where to Stay
Four Seasons
Finally, after a long day of gallivanting, you’ll want to sleep like a star. What better place to stay than the soaring and sophisticated Four Seasons Hotel. With luxurious services and amenities that include: rejuvenating spa treatment, multilingual concierge, and spacious, modern interiors, the comforts received are nothing less than five star.
During your stay, make sure to visit the boutique at the Four Seasons, which offers premier shopping and designer brands. Providing the very best in luxury carry ons, luggage and travel accessories, the boutique now carries Ebby Rane’s Complete Quartermaster, the top luxury luggage for women!