My Carry-on Only Tale of a 10-day Trip to South America

We caught up with Ebby Rane fan and Quartermaster owner Jenny S., who decided on a carry-on-only policy for her recent 10-day trip to Argentina. After hearing some of her packing tricks as well as how happy she was by not having to check a bag, we asked her to share a bit more about her experience for this week’s blog. We’re pretty sure she’s hooked on this way of travelling, and won’t be planning to wait in line at a baggage carousel any time soon…

Carry-ons are no longer just for weekend getaway jaunts. With countless tools on the market to pack efficiently including organized travel pouches, packing techniques and double-duty, versatile pieces, more travelers are turning to carry-ons exclusively. I decided on the carry-on-only philosophy when preparing for my recent 10 day trip to Argentina. While the Quartermaster is definitely my go-to companion for trips of a week or less, I’ll admit I was a bit skeptical that it was all I needed this time. But, in efforts to simplify the journey and be rid of baggage fees and the fear of lost luggage, I was determined not to check a bag.

Pleasantly surprised, my packing experience was a breeze. With the help of The Quartermaster Packing List, conveniently labelled carryalls, and a commitment to a simplified, streamlined wardrobe, I felt reassured that I had everything I needed. Precision packing is not the least bit difficult, however it does require organizational skills. The Quartermaster’s meticulously appointed interior packing system takes the guesswork out of everything. Through trial and error over the years, I’ve picked up a trick or two to make packing as simple and efficient as possible:

Double-Duty Bags

If there is a place for everything, everything will be in its place. To help conserve space and keep items organized, travel pouches are a must! The Quartermaster features a built-in packing system including luxurious carryalls to guide you as you prep for adventure. One that I can’t live without is the Beach/Bath bag which keeps wet garments sealed and your wardrobe dry, and is perfect for a last-minute dip in the pool before checkout. Another favorite is the Tech Case that corrals unruly, delicate wires, and keeps small electronics in one place. Ideal during flights where easy access to your tablet or charger won’t have you unloading the contents of your bag into the aisle.

Less is More

Incorporating versatile pieces into your wardrobe can shed pounds off your luggage weight. Packing neutral colored pieces, applying the 3-tops-for-every-bottom rule, and having my accessories work overtime are just a few of the simple tricks I apply when flying abroad. I also never travel without a pashmina. It serves as an extra blanket during long flights, keeps me protected from the sun while taking a leisurely stroll beachside in Mar Del Plata, and serves as a shall for the cooler nights roaming the night life in Puerto Madero.

Roll Vs Flat

Whether you’re a roller or a traditionalist when folding clothes, each have their own merits. Fans of either method swear by their way claiming to save space and keep clothes wrinkle free. Since Argentina is such a diverse country, I needed to bring enough clothes to withstand various elements, as well as fold them in a way that the high humidity coupled with a long flight didn’t leave me ironing all day. What I found is that bulkier pieces such as jeans and knits are best folded flat and stored on the bottom as a base. Lighter pieces such as cotton t-shirts and linen blouses are best rolled and lined on the walls of the carryon. Not only did this optimize the best use of space, but left me without the task of ironing on my vacation.