New Carry-on Restrictions

We can’t deny the appeal of charging on the go – but with the recent January 2018 announcement of restrictions on smart luggage, we’re pleased to stand behind our travel collection which we think is smart but gets the green light when it comes to security.

As of Monday, January 15th, 2018, most major airlines will no longer allow smart luggage with non-removable lithium batteries due to a founded safety concern that lithium metal and lithium ion/polymer batteries are susceptible to emitting smoke, catching fire and even exploding. Smart luggage boasts benefits including GPS trackers, built-in WiFi, and USB charging stations – the not so handy catch is that they are all powered by lithium batteries. Rest assured you can continue to #travelsimple with your vintage-inspired, Ebby Rane travel accessories. Our collection stand for purpose with sophistication – we believe that fashion and function can coexist but with the knowledge that technology changes by the minute. That’s why we designed a collection that is timeless and in all regards. So although your Ebby Rane pieces will breeze through security, we can’t promise you won’t be stopped to ask where you bought your carry-on! Stay tuned for our new round up of business travel stories coming next month.

For more details on this announcement see CNBC’s coverage.