PART 3 : End of the Season with a Taste of Summer

As summer unfortunately comes to an end, so do the meals that go hand in hand with the season. Whether it be produce fresh from the farm, a rib steak off the barbecue, or sweet and savory picnics. Before soups, stews and other fall time flavors rule your kitchen, there’s no better way to bid farewell to summer with foods that evoke the tastes of summer. What better way to conclude the official last week of summer with a lobster fest. With a themed table setting, top grade crustaceans, and delicious seasonal accompaniments, it will definitely be a crowd pleaser.

The Challenge:

Like most things in life, good things don’t come easy. If you’re unfamiliar with the ways of the kitchen, or seafood in particular, it can seem quite daunting to prepare such a meal. A whole host of obstacles can arise when planning a lobster feast: is first rate lobster accessible, how to cook and shuck a lobster, quantity of food to provide, and general fears of handling live seafood.

The Solution:

When planning a meal, there are so many details to consider. Why not leave the worrying to a trained professional? Parties, intimate dinners, or interactive cooking classes can be planned with an in-home private chef. With the assistance of a personal chef, entertaining guests with a delicious dining experience will be a breeze. All that is required from you is to create a menu while the chef prepares and serves it. Without even lifting a finger, your guests will consider you the hostess with the mostest.


Why wait for lobster season, when you can enjoy lobster that is harvested year-round in Maine or New Hampshire. With our luxury carryon packed with only the essentials our luggage and travel accessories can hold, we’re embarking on a week long road trip to the east coast. A scheduled trip to New Hampshire’s The Black Tie Company will provide hands-on and demonstration cooking classes. Lessons by world class chefs and guest professional will hopefully enlighten us in the art of elegant Main cuisine.