PART 4: Top Tips from a Frequent Flier (Hint – Organization is key!)

Little compares to the excitement of jetting-off, abandoning the rigours of daily life, with the promise of adventures ahead. Whether a jaunt in Buenos Aires or an extended stay rickshawing through Tokyo, traveling can be invigorating and relaxing. Packing for such excursions may prove to be daunting for some, but for Quartermaster Homme owners, the experience is simple and efficient.

We were able to chat with Jesse, an Account Director at an experiential marketing agency, who is no stranger to traveling for work and leisure. Amassing an average of 20,000+ miles a year, he is quite adept with the ins and outs of traveling. Fortunately for us, Jesse shared some of his packing tips, his traveling do’s and don’ts, as well as a few memorable travel destinations.

The more I travel, the easier packing becomes. Adopting simple packing methods, and utilizing travel accessories significantly limits the time and stress behind packing. When traveling with only a carryon, I pack with outfits in mind and incorporate interchangeable pieces in order to save space. Business travel requires me to wear a suit for most of the day. Packing one or two neutral color suits to mix with a few dress shirts, provides a fresh look while keeping my luggage light.

I’ve learned the hard way that a frequent traveler needs a durable Dopp Kit. For some it may seem like a luxury travel accessory. However, when your shaving cream makes its way throughout your luggage, a travel kit becomes a necessity. Especially as I get older and include more items into my toiletry set, a Dopp Kit keeps everything stored and protected.

It seems pretty basic, but do get the right luggage, especially when using a carry-on. You want a travel bag that enables you to pack as much as possible while keeping you organized. I’m glad that Ebby Rane now not only specializes in luggage for women, but offers luxury luggage and travel accessories for men. The Quartermaster Homme helps me pack only the necessary items, and compartmentalize one’s shoes, toiletries, and tech for the ultimate organization on the road.

Another elementary rule of traveling; don’t waste your time. Especially business travelers, whether jet lagged or homesick, don’t spend your time sitting around in your hotel room. As important as it is to prepare for a presentation, or conference with potential leads, make time to take advantage of your new surroundings. Ask the concierge or locals for recommendations regarding restaurants or sights to see.

I have a soft spot for Orlando. As a child and to this day, my family and I make an annual trip to Florida. I also walk various trade shows in Orlando throughout the year. I love that I’m familiar enough with the city that I can rent a car and drive, knowing exactly where I am. Between dining at my favorite restaurant, strolling through Millenia Mall, and relaxing at Cypress Harbour, Orlando feel like a second home.

Not to be overlooked was a trip to Barcelona my wife and I took for our honeymoon. It was the perfect mix of relaxation and exploration. We saw beautiful architecture, drank delicious wine, and soaked in the atmosphere of Las Ramblas. Fortunately my wife speaks Spanish, so we got around easily. We can’t wait to go back.