One sure way to keep carry-on contents to a minimum is to get savvy on the perks your hotel or destination has to offer.

Most fine hotels and resorts will provide high quality in-room shower products and hair dryers. If you’re particular about your locks – find out if your hotel has a salon or spa that can offer you a wash and blow out to last for your stay. Some destinations will provide yoga mats, free weights and other basic equipment for your in-suite workout routine. Love fresh laundry? We do too. Call ahead to learn about services and pressing to save time and baggage bulk. Tablet loaner? Yes – we’ve found hotels that will lend you a tablet for your stay or if you’re feeling romantic – a selection of paperback books to borrow. Robes are a fairly common perk – plan smart and #travelsimple by calling ahead to find out how you can take advantage of the various offers. Possibly the best hotel perk we’ve discovered is the Hangover Concierge at the Ritz Carlton in New Orleans – the recovery includes a “hair of the dog” Bloody Mary, or a Kir Royal, a spa treatment to detoxify, fresh fruit, snacks, and, of course, aspirin.