Simplify Your Wardrobe
Part 1: The Closet Detox

Having options is a good thing – especially when it comes to your wardrobe. From varieties in cut, multiple colors, ranges of fabrics and prints – it can seem like more is better. It’s easy to accumulate dozens of pieces over time–but how much is too much? Especially when you want to look your best for meetings, cocktail parties, or casual events.

The Challenge:

Feeling overwhelmed or uninspired by all the choices in your closet but still looking for something perfect to wear? Unworn clothing creates clutter and makes the process of getting ready more challenging than if you had less, classic and favorite items that you know work every time.

The Solution:

De-cluttering and organization are key. Being able to see everything you have at first glance will empower you to select effortlessly the ideal outfit for any occasion. We love this simple and effective closet organization checklist from Real Simple. Follow the steps to gain extra time each morning and have one less stressful decision to make each day.