Simplify Your Wardrobe
Part 2: The Handbag Detox

As we endeavor to scale back on clutter in our wardrobes, another essential piece of the puzzle is to have a look at what we’re carrying inside our handbags.

The Challenge:

Never finding what you need, when you actually need it. Overstuffed bags which leave your shoulders and neck aching by the end of the day. Plus, the endless pieces of random paper, loose change, snacks and keys you can never find. Navigating through unorganized bags is not only a nuisance, but time wasted every day.

The Solution:

Follow these simple steps and never have to ruffle around your handbag only to come up empty handed ever again.

  1. Lay your handbag onto a clean flat surface and remove EVERYTHING from inside.
  2. Throw out anything that is clearly garbage—unnecessary receipts, food and gum wrappers etc.
  3. Remove anything you have not used in the last two weeks.
  4. Separate the remaining (essential) contents into categories such as makeup, coins, electronics etc.
  5. Place each category of items into its own pouch to keep them organized and easy to access within your purse. If you downsize the size of your handbag for just enough space for all of your essentials, it will be harder to accumulate extra stuff.
  6. Spend 60 seconds at the end of each day to make sure to toss out any junk or erroneous items you may have hastily put in that day.

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