Simplify Your Wardrobe
Part 3: The Shoe Collection Detox

There comes a day in every shoe’s life when it needs to be retired. Unfortunately, just as we tend to hold onto clothes longer than necessary, shoes manage to build up and collect dust over the years. It can seem ridiculous to throw out a perfectly good pair of shoes, even though we may have only worn it once, three years ago.

The Challenge:

In this case, it’s two-fold—knowing when to call it quits with old footwear, and secondly, selecting new footwear with the perfect balance between style and comfort.

The Solution:

Podiatrists Paul Langer and Karen Langone suggest it’s time to throw out or replace shoes when:

Running shoes: Depending on your level of physical activity, running shoes should be replaced anywhere from 6 months (if your’e running 4 times a week) to a year as they generally cannot be repaired.

Casual walking shoes: place shoes on a flat surface and look at them from behind, if they tilt to the side, repair or toss out.

Leather dress shoes or heels: Resole as needed when they look and feel worn. If the shoes are inexpensive, replacing may be a better option as resoling can be costly. If you see the nail poke through the heel, get new heel lifts.

It’s time to donate shoes when:
If you haven’t worn a pair of shoes in 12 months, time to donate!

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