Simplify Your Wardrobe
Part 4: Customer Spotlight

WHO: Tamara Bell
WHAT: Global Traveler and Curious Explorer
WHERE: Toronto

How do you define living with less?
If you had to live in one room, what would you fill it with? Surround yourself with edited, meaningful and useful possessions. And then spend your extra time and money on experiences!

Is it possible to simplify your style? What strategies can you share?

There are 7 days in the week. Theoretically, we each only need 7 outfits. Start with that ideology and build a purposeful wardrobe from there.

How do you know it’s time to part with an item in your closet?

Special occasion pieces aside, if you don’t reach for it regularly or consider packing it on your next trip, it’s just taking up closet space. Give the item to someone who would treat is as a favourite piece instead.

What do you wear when travelling?

I wear exactly what I wear at home. I’m ‘living’ in another place, but still reaching for my favourite pieces. My wardrobe suits my lifestyle at home and away. A lot of black and white simplifies packing.

Where are your top places to shop for versatile and travel friendly clothing?

Uncle Otis in Yorkville! I just bought a Maharishi piece that fulfills all of my travel requirements: advanced design and fabrication, utilitarian with brilliant details, great for layering, and packs into a compact pouch or can be backpacked using sewn-in straps. Also, WANT Apothecary in Rosedale for Acne Studios suits. The fabric never creases.

You will never catch me wearing a mediocre bag or accessories.

You will always find my monogrammed Louis Vuitton wallet from Hong Kong with my passport in my purse.

My go-to pick-me-up on a bad day is great music to lift my mood instantly, and beautiful magazines to transport me for hours. I have stacks that I never tire of flipping through, or I’ll buy a new issue to cheer myself up.

The one item I would grab from my closet if there was a fire is my black leather Prada boots.I wear and travel with them 9 months of the year—they are irreplaceable!