Take me away to….The Seychelles

With a new work week underway and the daily grind getting the best of us, we’re dreaming of faraway lands where worries wash away with the sea and sand. What better place to dream about than The Seychelles, a string of 115 coral and granite islands off the east coast of Africa, in the Indian Ocean.

Why it’s captured our imaginations…

Perfect weather is a good place to start. Rarely too hot, and never chilly, The Seychelles is a destination marked by warm breezes and sunshine. Excellent conditions for sailing, snorkelling and scuba diving if you feel the need to keep busy and even better if you are the type to wile your time away on the beach.

Beyond the beauty of the islands themselves the cuisine is another reason to visit. With culinary influences ranging from Indian, Asian and European and access to impeccable natural ingredients including the world’s best seafood, dining in The Seychelles is an experience unto itself.

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