Malibu, California is more than just home to clothing designer Lyndie Benson. Its miles of coastline and laid-back atmosphere serve as major inspiration for her casual, eco friendly collection launched in 2017, Bleusalt. A lover of skin-caressing fabrics such as cashmere, Lyndie had dreams of designing a more practical and affordable alternative. When she discovered the ultra-soft Lenzing Modal fibers originating from self-propagating beechwood trees, it was a perfect fit. “Bleusalt, is made from the softest fibers on earth,” Lyndie says. “I wanted something comfortable and luxurious, yet washable.” This is aligned to Lyndie’s view of luxury as something to be integrated into everyday life, “Luxury means comfort, using the nice things we have every day, not saving them for special times but living as if every day is special.”

Bleusalt is a creative outlet for Lyndie after her 20+ year marriage to musician Kenny G came to an end. As a photographer, she supported many of the creative aspects of the saxophonist’s career such as dressing him, naming his songs and designing his album covers.

“I’m in what you might call, the second chapter of life, post marriage,” she explains. “I found myself needing to have something to pour my creativity and time into, the same way I did when raising my two boys. For the first time, I found myself with nothing but time.”

She used this time to listen to her inner voice, guiding her to build something that spoke to how she wanted to feel. She realized she didn’t need to start from scratch but simply tap into an innate creativity. After the popularity of some of her early Bleusalt pieces, including the turtleneck, wrap, joggers and boyfriend hoodie, she moved to designing for men, kids and infants. Some of Bleusalt’s biggest fans include celebrities Patrick Dempsey and Cindy Crawford.

Through Bleusalt, Lyndie is able to incorporate her passion for the environmental preservation. The company tries to operate in a manner that results in zero-waste; products are shipped in recyclable boxes or fabric remnants and no plastic packaging is used. In addition, a percentage of every sale goes to Sculpt the Future Foundation, a charity founded by David de Rothschild. Although beechwood trees are grown in Austria, the fibers are transported to the United States and every aspect of Bleusalt clothing is locally produced within an ethical and cruelty-free environment.


Favorite eco-tourism spot: Samburu National Reserve in Kenya

Major eco highlights: Camp is made entirely from fallen trees and powered by the sun. Water is hand-pumped from the onsite well and carefully distributed and recycled

What should a first-time visitor not miss: Open-air dining in the middle of a nature setting

Favorite foodie memory: Cuisine is known as Afro-bush gourmet. Everything is baked onsite. Vegetables are locally sourced from the organic garden. The meat comes from an organic farm in Naivasha where livestock runs free.

The natural synergy between Bleusalt and Ebby Rane: Ebby Rane’s elegant and practical designs, packed full with Bleusalt, makes it possible for travelers to be truly set and ready for anything