The New Dress Code

Packing for business travel can be a daunting task. Between outfits to consider, a TSA-friendly beauty regime, an arsenal of electronics, and the rest of life’s little gadgets that make up your routine – prepping for a work trip can be work itself! Everything must also be neatly stored AND underweight in your luggage or carry-on. Leaving the comforts of home where life’s necessities are at your fingertips can make even the most fearless flyers jittery. Herein lies the most common struggle: Ensuring you have everything you need that will be appropriate for the range of company events, business meetings, and activities in between while also wanting to conserve space and avoid baggage fees.

Preparedness, planning, and adept packing can make the difference between relaxing after your flight with a nice glass of red vs a late-night run to your nearest CVS. Having amassed countless air miles for both work and leisure, we have a tried-and-tested formula for arranging our belongings and traveling using only our trusted luxury carryon. Below, we’ve addressed the most common travel concerns that affect the business traveler and how to successfully overcome them. Follow these simple guidelines to ensure your next work trip is a breeze.

Plan outfits accordingly

Whether headlining a presentation, taking part in a conference, or attending a work dinner, choose pieces that fit with the style and culture of the function. Interchangeable pieces that can be worn for multiple purposes provide well-rounded outfits while freeing up space in your luggage. For instance, a simple sheath dress is an easy way to achieve a polished look that is always appropriate.

We love: The Resume Dress by J Crew, a sleek sheath silhouette that features flattering cap sleeves, pockets, and a refined stretch wool.

Prepare for the worst

Clothing, passport, business documents – everything is in order. However, have you considered worst case scenarios that can arise unexpectedly? Inclement weather, faulty technology, spilling that latte on your favorite white blouse. Fortunately, there are travel sized solutions for many of the most common on-the-road woes. Lightweight travel umbrellas, portable chargers and that trusty Tide stick are all good staples to include whenever you travel.

Try: For our travels, we always carry the standout umbrella from Kate Spade. With its beautiful deco dot detailing and travel sleeve, it earns a place as a stylish accessory, while being rain and wind resistant.

Pack with the best

For any trip lasting a few days, we are firm believers in using only a carry-on. By effectively packing only what you need, it’s astonishing how much can fit into a cabin-sized bag and how far it can take you. With the Quartermaster, travelers are provided with an interior patented packing system – the first of its kind on the market! Uniting elegance and technology, it takes the guesswork out of what to pack providing flexibility and options while keeping everything in its place. With beautifully embossed carryalls that act as a packing list, you’ll never forget your tech charger, signature jewelry or gym clothes again!