Ebby Rane was inspired by the way we travel. We’ve seen a few airports, lost our luggage and packed way too much.

So, we set out to create a carry-on collection to simplify the experience of getting from A to B without compromising on necessity, quality or design. Inspired by you and for you – we want to elevate the way you travel.

Ebby Rane’s foundation stands for purpose with sophistication – we believe that fashion and function can coexist. Our thoughtfully edited collection streamlines the ritual of packing with our interior systems of well appointed, labeled Carryall cases to guide your process.

Like you, we demand excellence. Our travel accessories must have the stamina to travel as far and often as we do. That’s why each prototype has endured extensive testing and refinement to ensure durability and longevity.

We also have an eye for refinement. Each Ebby Rane piece is meticulously designed down to the detail to meet the needs of global jetsetters like you, like us.

Ebby Rane is only available through our online boutique. Shipping direct to our customers allows us to provide the best value guarantee top-notch customer service before and after your purchase.

Our respected global suppliers bring luxury components, craftsmanship and innovation to our products and our brand team builds our customer community and shares our philosophy of #travelsimple.

Ebby Rane supports Opportunity International, empowering female entrepreneurs in developing countries to pursue their success.