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The Complete Quartermaster Cargo Green ,

The Complete Quartermaster – Packed to Perfection with 10 Carryalls and The 1887 Clutch in Classic Cognac

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The Quartermaster’s interior patented packing design ensures you are always ready for the next adventure. Our Carryalls guide your packing so you will never again forget items when travelling. Efficiently designed for all Carryalls to fit together and with a pocket created for The 1887 Clutch, your lifestyle is immediately transported with style.

  • Rich and supple leather, The 1887 Clutch in Classic Cognac is designed to fit into the flat pocket of The Quartermaster
  • Includes our 10 luxurious gold-stamped Carryalls with hand-woven monkey knots and beautiful feminine ruffles
  • Trimmed in-and-out with vegetable-tanned fine quality leather
  • 100% Virgin Polycarbonate Shell withstands any bumps in the road
  • Four 360 Degree Wheels give your case an upright posture and a gentle glide
  • Leather Top and Side Handles are crafted and stitched to last
  • Water Resistant Zipper gives you a great reason to take up yachting
  • Underside Handle for effortless retrieval from overhead bins
  • Telescopic Handle is durable in use, protected when stowed
  • TSA-Approved Lock prevents unwanted snooping
  • Dust Cover for those rare weekends at home
  • 21″ x 14″ x 9″ (53.3cm x 35.5cm x 22.8 cm)
  • 3.2 kg or 7 lbs without Carryalls
Each Complete Quartermaster comes with the following Carryalls:
The 1887 Clutch
Shoe Sleeves (2)
Dust Cover

1 review for The Complete Quartermaster Cargo Green

  • Always the over-packer, the Quartermaster is just what I needed to organize my packing. The carryalls guide me throughout the process, helping me remember the essentials that may have otherwise been left behind. My favorite is the 1887 Clutch; a beautiful, multi-purpose bonus – extra storage in your carry-on, or used separately for dinner and drinks.

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