Ebby Rane has contributed to Opportunity International since inception. The gift of opportunity is something Ebby Rane’s Founder, Sonja M. Salmon realized from the experience of her grandfathers in Jamaica and path they laid for the generations that followed.

Sonja’s grandfather Ebby Salmon was a principled and fair businessman who treated everyone with respect and believed businesses were successful when they were founded on integrity. Her paternal grandfather Clarence Rainford was also a business owner. He gave back generously to the community and he believed passionately that every person deserved an opportunity to be the best version of themselves.

“When I founded this business, I was inspired by my grandparents and I wanted to pay tribute to them. I wanted to build a business based on integrity, with strong partnerships and with a belief in mutual wins. I wanted to give back to women in developing nations and hence we developed a partnership with Opportunity International. As a first generation Canadian, I am the living example of my grandfather’s view that every person deserves an opportunity. I want to pay that forward.”
– Sonja M. Salmon

Supporting Opportunity International is meaningful for all of us at Ebby Rane, because it provides micro financing to women in developing countries, enabling them to establish businesses, which support their families and broader communities.

Since Ebby Rane’s inception, we have been proud to commit a portion of our sales annually to this important cause. Now, inspired by the stories of women who have received access to the micro loans, training and tools, we have committed to donate $5 from every purchase of The Valise, The Wingman and The Friday Bag to Opportunity International.

Here’s a few of these remarkable women’s stories.


Linda, Ghana

Linda’s bakery is a dream come true. She started by selling 40 loaves of bread a day from a basket on her head. She wanted nothing more than to start her own bakery and with help from Opportunity International loans, she was able to make it happen. Now, she has over 100 women who buy her bread wholesale and then sell it themselves, creating an income for many in her village.


Bebi, India

When her husband was injured and unable to work, Bebi had to become the family’s bread winner. She chose to make the best of unfortunate circumstances by working hard and taking advantage of an Opportunity loan. As her income grew, so did her confidence. By manufacturing sanitary napkins, Bebi is allowing many young girls and women to stay in school, including her own daughter.


Nohemy, Nicaragua

Nohemy grew up in a poor family, in a community where opportunity was scarce. But Nohemy continued to strive for a better future and soon found herself earning an accounting degree in university. Before long, the young woman who started her first business out of necessity at aged eight, has over 1,300 families and 18 employees depend on her. Nohemy unleashed the power of opportunity by unlocking her potential to be a leader and encouraging others to strive for their dreams.