Spring Cleaning Made Simple

Spring is here, and with it comes warmer temperatures, flowers in bloom, and shorter hemlines. It also brings along the often-dreaded Spring cleaning. It’s no wonder many would rather pack a carry-on and plan their next travel escape, than clean out their closets. Although this annual ritual requires some effort, the satisfaction is well worth it. Having mastered the art of packing using the very best in travel accessories, we’ve parlayed that same knowledge into home organization. From cleaning and organizing, to the tools that make the job easier, we’re offering everything you need to know to zip through the process and make even the most stubborn and time-consuming jobs as easy as possible.

Dream Team

No one enjoys scrubbing shower walls or spot cleaning their carpet. Fortunately, there’s the eco-friendly, cost efficient pairing of vinegar and dish soap. This dynamic duo will replace most of the store-bought products in your cleaning arsenal and will work in half the time. From general surfaces to floors, and soap scum to sofas, these two simple ingredients of one part dish soap and four parts vinegar will provide a powerful clean with minimal effort.

Off The Rack

Whether a luxurious dress or a sentimental garment, articles of clothing can hold special importance. Thus, they should be treated accordingly and by keeping them protected and organized, you will extend the life of your favorite pieces. The Huggable Hangers are a must have. The thin, velvet design saves closet space, prevents clothing from slipping off hangers, and protects delicate fabrics.

Clean In A Breeze

Tackling messes from floor to ceiling is simple thanks to the Dyson Handheld Vacuum. The well designed and super-powerful handheld vacuum is amazing to have for all sorts of situations. Powerful suction, cord-free and lightweight, it allows you to clean the largest messes with ease. The versatile tool is easy to clean, and comes with a variety of tools for the unique situations life throws at you.