Ebby Rane was born out of the desire to create the best luxury carry-on bag for women.
As a business traveler, our Founder designed The Quartermaster with style and function in mind.
She aimed to create a piece of luggage that included interior packing cubes and satchels for every item women might bring in their travels.
Cosmetics, shoes, tech accessories, lingerie, liquids, jewelry – there is literally a place for it all inside labelled carryalls.
She even included an Italian leather clutch for cocktail parties on arrival. Travel bags and accessories followed,
adding extra capacity and a style statement of simplicity, elegance and sophistication.


    $695.00 USD
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  • The Quartermaster Homme Jet Black

    $925.00 USD
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  • The Wingman

    $325.00 USD
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  • Travel Cover

    $95.00 USD
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  • Luggage Tag

    $25.00 USD
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