The only men’s luxury luggage with an integrated packing system and matching travel bag:

Yes,our carry-ons come with packing cases included

  • The Q2 Aviation Gray

    $495.00 USD
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  • The Quartermaster Homme Jet Black

    $925.00 USD
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  • The Wingman

    $325.00 USD
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  • Travel Cover

    $95.00 USD
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  • Luggage Tag

    $25.00 USD
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Lounge Coffee Time

We applied the principles that make The Quartermaster so special for female travelers, to our signature carry-on for men, The Homme. We asked ourselves, “what does the best luxury carry-on bag for men look like?” The answer: an ultra organized, polycarbonate case trimmed in Italian leather, with 8 carryall, or packing cubes included, for every item he needs for a business trip or a weekend away. Paired with our men’s travel bag, the Wingman, there is no better luxury luggage.