Lawyer, Linguist, Children’s Book Author and Founder of MaRen Designs – a new line of undergarments for tween girls – Alisia Dale Grenville shares her travel experience from her home in Switzerland.

How long have you been traveling with The Quartermaster by Ebby Rane and which color do you have?

I had The Quartermaster in my mind forever, so when the carry-on came on the market it was a dream come true – but in reality, since 2014. I have the Cloud White because I wanted it to stand out and it certainly does. I get asked all the time, and of course, without hesitation, I say, “It’s an Ebby Rane!”

Do you always try to travel carry-on only and if so why?

Absolutely! I usually have tight connection times so having a carry-on that can keep up with my pace and roll with me is key. On the rare occasion I may not be connecting, I love having my carry-on with all my personal belongings at the ready. So, either way, The Quartermaster is the ideal piece that holds everything I need, and I don’t have to worry that I forgot anything. It’s like one-stop shopping.

Tell us about a trip you recently took and how you packed.

I just returned from a 2-day trip to Orlando from Switzerland speaking at a conference. I pack non-wrinkle pieces that I can fold small and fit many. I love dresses; so a few classic wrap dresses and an LBD always do the trick. Because of The Quartermaster’s interior packing system, my purse that used to be the bearer of all my travel needs is now basically empty, which is a shock to me.

Which Carryall do you find the most useful?

The Laundry Carryall is the most useful as I like to have my used pieces separated from my clean ones. My favorite is the Knickers Carryall because I am obsessed with undergarments and I like that it keeps intimates out of sight. There is also always enough room for nightwear too, so it is wonderfully convenient as I usually arrive at my ultimate destination in the evening and it is so great to have everything in one convenient case.

What is your #1 business travel tip?

Think light! As weight restrictions for carry-on can change – contents matters. I always look at what I have and then reduce by a quarter (no pun intended). The Quartermaster helps you pack lighter and more strategically.

Share a travel memory.

My 7-year-old daughter loves to watch me pack for trips and enjoys when we travel together – just the girls. On our last trip to London, she got out her suitcase and said, “Mommy, I need a new suitcase. This one has no pieces in it.”