Embracing Mother Nature’s Fall Masterpiece

With the morning chill as a sign of things to come, we are becoming more and more excited for our fall road trip. We’re setting our sights on east coast hot spots: Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and New York. With crisp air, sweeping views, and brilliantly colored trees, the journey is a destination in itself. Since the natural spectacle is at its brightest in October and November, it’s important to have a plan to enjoy the ever-changing display of beautiful fall hues. Mapping your route, booking accommodations at quaint B&B’s, discovering new activities, and packing with season appropriate pieces are all part of the adventure.

Between historical sites, scenic hikes, whale watching, leisurely bike rides, and enjoying the season’s harvest, the selection of activities are diverse. With any number of pursuits to experience in both city and rustic parts of the east coast, different styles of dress are required. What better way to test that our luxury carryon is not only tops for business travel, but perfect for a weekend getaway too. With help from the Quartermaster’s patented system, prepping for adventure has never been easier.

Naturally, packing outfits that allow you to embrace this rural atmosphere is a must. To maximize the time spent enjoying outdoor activities, dressing for dipping temperatures is a priority. Pack with layering in mind. Including items such as lightweight knits, a merino wool jacket, and cotton pieces will help stave off the mild autumn chill.

When the trails have been trudged through, the picnic has been cleared, and the last round of golf has been played, a desire for exploring the finer things in life is likely to surface. Time to break out the statement jewelry and heels that our trusty Jewels Case (easily our favorite carryall) have protected. Along with a little black dress and a beautiful silk scarf, you’re ready to hit the town in style for dinner and drinks.