Fatigue-Free Flying

With the holiday season fast approaching, many are booking flights to visit family overseas, travel north for a white Christmas, or experience some R&R on a Caribbean beach. While popular, traveling during the holidays can be costly and stressful as you contend with crowds, delayed flights and inclement weather. Whether you’re traveling for two hours or embarking on a full day journey, fatigue can happen to anyone and end up putting a damper on that holiday spirit. To help, we have compiled a short list of flying tips to ensure your holiday travel doesn’t add to the stress of this time of year.


From a young age, we have always been encouraged to drink more water. Dehydration leads to fatigue and the dry cabin air in planes and airports can increase that. Since fatigue can soon lower your body’s defense against a myriad of viruses in circulation during the winter months, it is the last thing we need heading into the holidays. Keep your water bottle filled and close by. (It will also do wonders for you the night after a glass too many of ‘holiday cheer’).


Having racked up countless frequent flyer miles from traveling, we have learned how to avoid the sluggish feeling that results from a long flight. The many hours and high altitude can have you seeking solace in your seat (or pod if you’re fortunate enough). We recommend the opposite. Studies have shown making the effort to walk – even for a few minutes – will be enough to energize you and reduce fatigue. So, get up and make use of that aisle when the drink cart is gone!


We have all been there: Up late the night before a flight packing in a panic to guarantee all of your travel accessories are in order. As a result, the one thing that suffers is proper rest. Though we all have good intentions and aim to be productive, lack of sleep increases the risks of accidents and forgetfulness. So, if a restful night is a luxury you can’t afford, take a brief nap. Even 10 minutes of shut-eye can restore wakefulness and boost energy. Napping on your flight is a great diversion that will help you feel invigorated, alert, and ready to tackle whatever you face when you land.