Gentlemen, pack your bags. We’re going places!

5 minutes with Gensetter Founder Conor McMullen

This week, we are thrilled to have guest blogger Conor McMullen from one of our newest partnerships: Gentsetter. As founder of the new online fashionable luggage destination for men, Conor shares with us some of the inspiration behind the launch of his new business, a few key packing tips for the ‘Gents and – of course – some of his favourite travel destinations.

A Little About Me:

I took my first international trip to Nicaragua in 2011, and like so many of us, was bitten hard by the travel bug. Since then, I’ve made a concerted effort to take an international trip every 6 months. I’ve gone the “backpacker” route before, but I’ve never subscribed to the idea that you should look like all of your nice things were left at home. Style in mind, I’m constantly thinking of ways to blend fashion and function on my adventures, and from this, Gentsetter was born. It’s my goal to provide the jet-setting gentlemen of the world with luggage and travel gear that will not only turn heads, but will also make life on-the-go easier.

Why I Wanted to Collaborate with Ebby Rane:

With Gentsetter, my vision was to create a place that travel-loving gents could count on to deliver a carefully curated selection of the best, most unique, and top quality pieces to ready them for any adventure. Ebby Rane, in my opinion, has created the best carry-on available online (and anywhere, really). Their collection of luxury luggage and travel accessories speak to an audience that values the same qualities of style, innovation and craftsmanship that Gentsetter stands for.

Packing Tips:

In a lot of ways, this can be the most difficult aspect of any trip. Through a lot of trial and error, I’ve learned that the most efficient system can be broken down to three questions:

1. Is it versatile?

I can’t stress this one enough. Sure, you love those pink seersucker shorts, but they’re pretty one-dimensional. Dark denim pairs well with everything from tees to blazers and can work as a base for all outfits. Cotton wovens/button downs provide wind/sun protection, can be tucked in for a nice dinner, etc. Henleys dress up or down and layer extremely well in cases where you’re moving through a variety of climates. There will inevitably be things that you need to bring that will be limited in their versatility, just try to keep them to a minimum.

2. Is it lightweight?

Shoes are surprisingly heavy and bulky. When you’re optimizing space in your luggage, packing the right pair(s) of footwear can make a huge difference in what you can bring along. I’d recommend a comfortable pair of loafers (which will also make security lines in airport much easier) and a pair of Toms or Vans in a neutral color like khaki or gray.

3. Do I really need it?

Pack your bag once, then pull everything out one-by-one, asking this question. Do this two times and I’m willing to bet that you’ll lose at least 5-6 items from your first attempt.

Three Recent Favorite Destinations (and three reasons to go):

1. Cartagena, Colombia

  • Caribbean Beaches (Isla Rosario, Baru, Cholon)
  • Nightlife/Dancing
  • The Old City

2. Reykjavik, Iceland

  • The Northern Lights
  • The Blue Lagoon
  • Glacier Hiking

3. Lisbon, Portugal

  • World-Class Culture
  • Portuguese Wine & Seafood
  • Fado